About Us

AGPD is an advisory company specialized in services related to EVENT MARKETING and EDUCATION. We have been working on Czech market since 2000.

Our goal is to deliver the highest possible quality of services bringing immediate effect in everyday working life and real life as well to our customers.

What we build on

The client is always first and that is why the number one principles in our relationship to our clients relies on PARTNERSHIP that helps joint knowledge enrichment, development plus beneficial and longterm co-operation on both sides. We value trust and so we do our best that our client can rely on us anytime.

What the clients think of us

Besides reliability the clients vallue mostly our stability, flexibility, wide spectrum of professional services, outstanding attitude and a sense for detail that we resolve any demands with.

What makes us different

The unique aspect of our activities lies in the complex interconnection of education and event marketing. It is us who support all activities within one single company. Our clients benefit from this in reduced time efforts, costs and energy. This attitude is very efficient and brings interesting results on top. It allows better sharing and using of information. It can applied not only to an internal clients but also to business partners or top management. We have tested our procedures well. In addition we track and evalute results of all of our events. We are able to GUARANTEE requested results based on these experiences!

Our motto says: „All Promises Delivered!“.